Join the rave T-dress

Shipping to EU countries, tax included


Black shirt with purple print on the back and small purple print on the front.

Model is 1m72 and is wearing size XXL

All clothing is unisex and can be word by both men and women. Our T-shirts are all wearable as T-dress for women.
They are vegan, bio, eco, very sustainable and fair trade.

T-shirts are screen printed in Belgium.
High quality street fashion worn by ravers all over the world.

Oversized fit.

Delivery varies between 4 and 10 days, depending on shipping country and stock.

Text on the back:
As the word turns, we move against the flow
Gone are the days of boredom. The time has come
to celebrate life and all that makes it special.
Call your friends, make those plans and do what
you’ve always said you would do.
Good times are coming, so escape the rat race
and join the rave. When the sun goes down,
we go outside. If the dance floor calls,
we answer, We Are here.

Size chart: