Introducing We Are – a fusion of exceptional events, a promising record label, and trendy merchandise that enhances the entire experience.

Let’s meet the head honcho Axel Haube, a DJ and producer who effortlessly weaves his magic behind the decks. His melodic and cosmic techno sets take the crowd on an enchanting journey, blending dark and groovy beats with captivating melodies that keep everyone hooked.
Axel’s ability to build anticipation and drop the perfect track at precisely the right moment sends the energy soaring, making him a cherished icon in the underground scene.

Inside the studio, Axel crafts a masterful fusion of dance floor-moving beats and synths that transport listeners to a whole new world. His tracks are a playground of inventive elements that keep you engaged, while seamless energy transitions leave you eagerly waiting for what’s coming next. Not only has Axel’s talent caught the attention of acclaimed labels like Watergate Records, Eleatics Records and Future Romance, but he has also earned unwavering support from distinguished artists like Tale Of Us, Kevin de Vries, Massano, and Camelphat.

Beyond his musical brilliance, Axel has breathed life into We Are – a brand that started with trendy fashion offerings, providing fresh rave couture.

We Are is pushing boundaries with innovative sounds and providing unforgettable moments through the events. From thrilling the crowd as a stage host at Ostend Beach festival to creating pure magic at Vaag Outdoor.
Axel Haube and the We Are team curate exceptional experiences that leave attendees enchanted and craving more.

With each event, “We Are” continues to weave together a seamless fusion of music, art, and community, driven by a passion for underground music and a commitment to uniting music enthusiasts from all walks of life.

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